Where is the cyberspace?

Today I have Big question.
If everyone doesn't mind.

We all know that nowadays, even advanced countries are suffering from global economic crisis. What happened to these advanced countries with high speed Internet?

It’s my honor to introduce these questions:

1. Where is the cyberspace?

2. What is the written constitution of cyberspace?

3. Whose customers are those who type your brand and company name in the Internet Address bar? Please take note: Not in the search bar.

4. Oil, gas and all other natural resources are driving forces of the economy in the industrial age. Frequency band allocation also played a big part in helping the economy as well. What do you think is the natural resource that we should exploit in the ICT age?

These questions call for everyone’s attention because these are issues that affect the current status of the economy

and sadly, most of us are not well aware of this.

To all of you who are here today in the 50th ICANN meeting I invite you to think about how we can solve the global economic crisis in relation to the questions that I raised.

Where is the cyberspace.

Thank you and have a good day.